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[H - T] Sandy App by algebraicPacificer [H - T] Sandy App by algebraicPacificer

For :iconhappy-tails:

Name: Sandy [Nickname is Sandals]

Age: 1 1/4 [About 17 years in human years]

Gender: Female

Height: 4'11

(4 inches when dog form)

Breed: Toy Chihuahua

Job: None yet

Partner: None [Yet :iconicekingeyesplz:]

Sexual orientation: Pansexual [May be leaning a bit more towards girls]

Personality: Stubborn - Loud - Affectionate - Energetic - Sneaky - Sticky fingers - Slob

-/+ Picky, especially with food

-/+ Forgets quickly

-/+ Doesn't hold grudges

-/+ Coward

-/+ Licks people and things a lot

-/+ Will feel guilty if shes done something wrong, especially when she knows she shouldn't have

-/+ Will do something anyway, despite her better judgement

-/+ Easily confused

-/+ Loves to play

-/+ Stays up late, making it hard for people to sleep

-/+ Barks at the stupidest things, especially when you wake her up

-/+ Good at climbing

-/+ Doesn't give up on something shes determined at


+ Shoes [to chew or throw around]

+ Tight areas [to sleep in]

+ Sunlight [to relax]

+ Bubbles [to bite or jump on]


- Potty pads [Shes still being house trained]

- Being left alone [needs attention]

- Vacuums [she'll bark at it from a distance]

- Dog food [very picky about what she eats]

- Baths [hates water, you would think shes a cat]

- Kisses [will do anything to avoid them]

Caution: Plays rough, uncut nails, believes she is bigger than she actually is.

History: Sandy was born into a litter of about 5 in a local breeders home. She was sadly a runt of her litter, causing problems along the lines of nursing where her mother refused to feed her. Due to the lack of space and funding in the home, the breeder had to get rid of her at an early age, of about 3 weeks. The family he had given her too had no knowledge of this, and took her in without a second thought. The one that especially loved her was the girl, she held Sandy's shaking form close to warm her, let Sandy sleep in her lap and under her arm when it came bed time, and always fed her some of her table food. Sadly though, being the runt of her litter, came with some problems along the line, and Sandy wasn't as keen on listening or learning as she should've been. She would chew things up, play roughly and end up hurting the girl, or anyone else who tried to play with her, go to the bathroom where ever she wanted to in the house. When she would act up, the girls father would yell. Sandy didn't understand why he was yelling, or what she did. So, of course, she never learned. After a while, the man couldn't take anymore, and no matter how much the girl begged or pleaded or said she would try harder with Sandy, he had gotten rid of her, given her right back to the breeder. Now, the breeder was a very busy man, and had a house full of dogs. He couldn't afford to take care of an untrained puppy, so, he let her go. That's where she is today.

Extra information:

- Barks if not given attention when wanted

- Shes a fuckin sneak man just don’t turn your back on her

- She’d steal your shoes off your foot if she could she loves to take things and hide them

- Eats food in random places and sometimes on people or their things [Usually makes a mess]

- Might go to the bathroom where ever she wants

- Accident Prone [Most of the time she really doesn't give a shit]

- Loves to get into trouble

- Strong Spanish accent and high pitched voice

Petting Spots: [Dos and Don'ts]

+ From her forehead to her neck [slowly and gentle]

+ Behind the ears [use nails]

+ Tummy [slack at the wrist, use finger tips]

+ Paws [Likes it when people rub them with the pads of their fingers]

+ Inside of thighs [slack at the wrist, use nails]

+ Under chin [use nails]

- Tail [especially the tip]

- Rear [don't touch it]

- Chest [shes sensitive there]


Tyson:"Tyson Tyson! I love him, he's my best friend!"
Sophie:"I love her too! She's so much fun to play with, and her name is really cute too! Sophie!"
Zeft:"Mama! I like mama." 

All this was based on my real dog, Sandy, including the backstory. Everything besides her getting abandoned, obviously. 

Drawing for both human form and dog form were done by me

Lineart and coloring done by: :iconhotoki-chan124: Love her to death <33333!

TricksterModeMe Featured By Owner May 2, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
A+ i love it. sandy is the cutest dog no lie, cant wait to meet her <3
algebraicPacificer Featured By Owner May 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You are gonna meet her and love her forever just wait 
TricksterModeMe Featured By Owner May 2, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
>:) yes i will
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